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Tumblr. I got super married.

Anonymous said: The guy to your left in the trolley pic, omg I'd do all sorts of things to him

Haha. My best friend will be very happy to hear this.

Dear tumblr, I got married a few days ago.

Fuck you heroin.

My friend was found dead in a park today.

I loved him.

Wrote this unfinished song about the girl I’m marrying in 17 days. Holy wow.


You wouldn’t think the more often you look at at something, the more interesting it would become, but that has recently been the case. You see there’s this farm over the hill from where I work. Every day I walk past this little “fun size” presumably family farm, I see it walking from my car in the morning, and I see it walking to my car at the end of the day. It’s nothing special really, in fact it’s the most cliched farm scene you will ever see; classic mammoth red barn positioned slightly to the right of two towering silos, most likely filled with your run-of- the-mill grains and silage.

Yes this agricultural landscape is extremely traditional, but the more I saw it, the more I wanted to draw it. There is something about seeing the sunset over the hill and covering it with an orange dusk glow that just gives you big ol’ Wisconsin goosebumps. It was after walking to my car and getting these goosebumps that I decided I needed to fill a page in my sketchbook. So one night after work, I cozied a spot in the grass, put on some Band Of Horses, and did just that.

I’m marrying this chick in a month.

Pretty fly for a white guy.

Sometimes I do things like go take engagement pictures with my future bride.


I love weddings. The energy, the fellowship, the joy… The love. Alright sappy hallmark nonsense aside, weddings are just plain fun. Dances (my favorite), drinks, food, relatives, friends, and in this instance singing.

For the first time I thought I would attempt to capture one via my sketchbook. So I brought along my sketching kit and sketched throughout the day. This proved to be challenging since as previously mentioned; there is a lot of other fun/socializing to be had. I was not very productive, but I did manage to get 3 or 4 sketches. Nothing clean, just a few loose, on location, “urban” style sketches. Definitely a great subject/opportunity to sketch if you enjoy drawing. 

Ps. Congrats Jacob and Rachel!

bablerdesign If you did this at my wedding, I’d love you for it. And I’d frame them and hang them in my house.
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